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I am a baby boomer who lived through all the dramatic events of the 1960s. Back then my generation knew how to create historic social change. We were visible and easy to recognize simply by the length of our hair and the music we listened to.

As a group, we accomplished a lot. We supported the civil rights movement, took to the streets to end the Vietnam War and were part of putting the first man on the moon.

Over the past 30 years we have been, for the most part, quiet and uninvolved. We have let the corporations and special interest groups set the agenda for our politicians which has resulted in a steady decline in our standard of living.

We have to change course now and get involved again before we are dead or broke.

Voters In Power was created to once again give us visibility to each other and to revive our spirit to stand up and fight for a better American way of life for everyone. We can act together to set a domestic agenda to deal with all of the issues that need resolving to improve our daily lives and the future of our children.

We need to elect “problem solvers” who will actively dig in to work for us and we need to hold them accountable. This can be accomplished if we all show the moral courage to take action. We did it before email and the internet and we can do it now. We can control our destiny by uniting under the banner of Voters In Power.